About us

shinelinkeFintech LLC. is a company that will be launched in 2018 Founded in Colorado, USA company of. The company is led by a group of people who are proficient in finance and blockchain technologymemberCo-founded,work together toPioneer Intelligent Tradingtechnological and advancedAISolution brought inCryptocurrency high-frequency quantitative tradingfield.

shinelinke FintechIt occupies an industry leadership position in the development and application of blockchain technology and advanced intelligent solutions. The company uses a variety of advanced quantitative trading techniques, such as regression conditional heteroskedasticity model (ARCH), partial least squares regression (PLSR), vector autoregressive model (VAR) and Kalman filtering, to provide global market participants with Forward-looking intelligent trading solutions. The company is committed to utilizingpioneerTechnology optimizes transaction processes, improves transaction efficiency, reduces costs, and maximizesImprove usersInterests. By continuously optimizing its technology and services,shinelinkeFintech LLC.alreadybecome globalcryptocurrencyleading companies in the field, promotingencryptionThe industry is developing in a more efficient, transparent and fair direction.

Investor Community and Education

Investor community building

Online forums and communication platforms

shinelinkeA dedicated online forum and communication platform has been established for investors to exchange market views, trading experience and strategies.

Online and offline activities

The company regularly holds online and offline activities, such as seminars, lectures and exchange meetings, and invites industry experts to share the latest market trends, technological progress and trading strategies.

social media interaction

Through social media platforms,shinelinkeMaintain real-time interaction with investors and publish the latest market analysis, company news and educational resources.

Educational resources provided

Online education courses

shinelinkeDeveloped a series of online educational courses covering everything from basic cryptocurrency and blockchain knowledge to advanced quantitative trading strategies.

Regular market reporting and analysis

The company provides regular market reports and in-depth analysis to help investors understand market dynamics and grasp investment trends.

One-to-one guidance service

For investors who need personalized guidance,shinelinkeProvide one-to-one guidance services.

OUR story
2019: The beginning of establishment

founding: shinelinke. Founded in Colorado by a group of experts in the fields of financial engineering, computer science and mathematics.
Initial funding: The first round of seed investment was completed, and the funds were mainly used for product research and development and team building.

2020: Technology breakthroughs and platform launches

Platform development: Completed the preliminary development of the shinelinke quantitative trading platform, which integrates big data analysis and artificial intelligence algorithms.
First public test: Launch a public test of the platform, attracting the attention of early users and collecting valuable feedback.

2021: Growth and expansion

Official release: The shinelinke quantitative trading platform was officially released and began to provide services to global investors.
Growth in asset management scale: Through word-of-mouth and efficient market strategies, the scale of assets under management has grown rapidly.
Team expansion: As the company’s business expands, ArkPie adds personnel to its R&D and customer service teams.

2022: Innovation and collaboration

New product development: Several new investment strategies and tools have been launched to further enhance the functionality of the platform.
Strategic cooperation: Established cooperative relationships with a number of financial institutions and technology companies, broadening service scope and market influence.

2023: Internationalization and recognition

Global expansion: Expanded operations in Asia and Europe, attracting more international investors.
Industry recognition: Won several financial technology innovation awards, confirming ArkPie’s leadership in the field of quantitative investment.

2024: Looking ahead

Technology R&D: Continue to invest in artificial intelligence and machine learning research to maintain technological leadership.
Service Optimization: Committed to improving customer service quality, including personalized investment solutions and optimization of user experience.
Sustainable growth: Explore more sustainable development investment opportunities, including areas such as green finance and socially responsible investment.

Future Outlook and Strategic Planning

future outlook

Technology development direction:
shinelinke LLC Will continue to delve into technology research and development, especially innovative applications in the fields of blockchain and artificial intelligence. The company is committed to improving the efficiency and security of the trading system through technological advancement to meet investors’ needs for a high-performance trading platform.

Market expansion plan:
facing the future,shinelinkeIt plans to further enhance the brand’s international image by expanding its global business coverage and market influence. The company will seek to establish strategic alliances with partners around the world to explore new markets and attract more users.

Strategic Planning

Long-term strategic goals:
shinelinkeOur long-term goal is to become the leader in the global cryptocurrency quantitative trading industry. Through continuous technological innovation and market expansion, the company aims to provide unparalleled trading experience and services to global investors, while promoting the development and maturity of the entire cryptocurrency market.